Forge the obstacles.

Persist with determination.

Triumph over difficulties.

With an uplifting and humourous  perspective, the 88 year old author of Over the hill, You Pick up Speed shares her passion for living out opportunities in places and with people met along the way, or as she describes it , misadventures in aging. While she never ignores the challenges of aging, the name of the game is actually adjustment.  She personally finds happiness lies in simply living life well every single second and maintaining an eager enthusiasm for interesting ventures. Campion’s writing clearly illustrates that she has lived her life with wit and humour.

I confess a book is worth reading if it offers even one captivating idea to ponder. Or, if it offers a visual metaphor about life. Imagine this one, from her book:

I had a flashback of the time our second son, age five, caught his first fish. Standing barefoot on the dock, waving a bamboo pole with a six-inch perch hooked on a string,he kept yelling:  

Go get somebody. Go get somebody!

Visualize this moment.  When a dream is suddenly realized we long for someone else to witness the event, to share the moment.

The title itself is an obvious play on the ageism idea that after a ‘certain age’ is reached, it is all over the hill; that is, downhill. Yet, on the busy track uphill, time constraints often challenge the balance between goals, dreams and family. And the view over the hill is obscured.  But, consider a roller coast ride. The thrill lies in the uphill anticipation. That thrill is only fulfilled once the crest is reached and the descent begins. Not only is the developing anticipation exhilarating but the  spiraling speed delivers the promised  climax, downhill.

Confidently encourage, confirm and sustain authentic uphill endeavors for a rewarding  ride, over the hill.

*Over the hill, you pick up speed:Reflections on Aging (for anyone who happens to ). Author: Nardi Reeder Campion, who was still writing articles when she died at age 90.