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210819_346680915420623_1181563884_oThere are those who say life is a journey. To me, life is a ballad.

Consider your life as music. While I am not a musician, I appreciate composer Sergei Prokofiev’s musical adaptation of the classic tale Peter and the Wolf.  All characters are known simply by the instrument that is played, their leitmotif.

In birth, every person is given their own leitmotif to add to the continuum of life’s  grand symphony. Each individual plays a song uniquely theirs.

As I grow older, my modified instrumental theme and melody moves towards its climatic finale. Typically, a ballad culminates in concurrent musical themes and resounding crescendo, calling forth profound emotions from the listener. Perhaps a song that has lifted and shattered your soul immediately comes to mind. Just as a well-orchestrated ballad whispers this finale, my musical birth notes whisper mine.  My unique leitmotif will be there in my finale.

Embracing this life philosophy of living in crescendo performs so well. I see aging as a time of fruition where every event, every emotion, and every person in one’s life matters in the climatic crescendo.  It amazes me how this simple music motto has formed and reformed my life. In any challenging life moment, I simply ask myself which choice allows my unique leitmotif to play, so it flows into crescendo.

We need not tell others how to play their theme. There is no harmony when we all play the same notes.

It is my simple hope that as we play and live our life leitmotif, we will inspire others to do the same.

May we all live a life well played.